Hello world!

9 Apr

I know that Word Press says you should remove their initial post and re-title it, but I kinda liked the “Hello world!” title as my first post.  I am doing just that – introducing myself, my writing, and my own person world to everyone else out there sharing my planet.  I’m well aware that there are thousands upon thousands of blogs, so I don’t really expect that mine will get any type of special attention but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway.  If nothing else this can be an open journal of sorts.

This Polar Bear has absolutely nothing to do with my blog, but he was too cute to resits. Hello!!

My understanding is that a blog should be on some kind of general theme, it should (hopefully) add something useful to the clash of voices out there, and it should be a place to express yourself.  I hope I can do all of those things here – with “hope” being the optimal word.  I have never been a “writer” per say, but I have always enjoyed words.  I love reading them, I have occasionally written them (in a writing class, for my school’s newsletter, in numerous college papers, etc.), and I like to learn as many of them as I can.  I am not the most interesting person in the world, I tend to write run-on sentences (as you can probably already tell), and a lot of people don’t seem to connect with my sense of humor.  Still, I think I have something to offer and I think I have a unique voice (interpret unique any way you would like).

My primary focus in this blog will be relationships. Specifically it will be about my marriage and finding a way to work through infidelity very early on in a relationship. I hope it will be peppered with moments from my life that make the reader laugh, get frustrated, contemplate, and any number of the other emotions that I experience on a daily basis. I titled this “Being a Beautoful Mess” because that’s how I feel more often than not.  My posts will catch you up on my life, introduce you to my crazy side, and chronicle the roller-coaster that is being married to a cheater.  It’s a tall order, but hopefully I will deliver.

Crazy (Gnarls Barkley song)


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