Age Gap Relationships

18 Jul

I came across this post and this blog about two weeks ago. It has a lot of great information about age gap relationships. As you may or may not recall, there is a 20 year age gap between my husband and I. Today I decided it would be a good time to reblog this. Mr. Mess and I might be on a rough road right now, but I truly believe that our age gap has nothing to do with it. In fact, I honestly believe that if I were going through this with someone my age with less experience and maturity we wouldn’t be nearly this far along. In fact, I think we would be divorced. With all of Mr. Mess’s faults, he is becoming more and more self-aware, he is willing to do the hard work necessary to change, and he has the benefit of time and experience which has decreased his temper and allowed him more insight into himself.


I came across some reading I’d like to share with anyone looking for more stuff about age gap relationships.

Age Gap Relationships

Age gap relationships (or “spring-autumn” relationships) may come in for criticism and ridicule, no matter how balanced or healthy they are. Partners with a significant age gap may find themselves the target of ridicule or outright criticism from family, friends and strangers; or they may worry that there is something wrong with the relationship.

Cultural norms about dating age gaps are based on two assumptions: that the age gap in relationships will be a small one, and that (in a heterosexual relationship, at least) the man will be the older partner. This simply isn’t the case in many relationships.

Psychological Factors in Age Gap Relationships?

There are psychological reasons that some age gap relationships may be unhealthy.

  • It is often suggested that the younger partner is seeking a…

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