Enjoying Myself

7 Aug

This is just a quick little update.  Yesterday was rocky.  Mr. Mess was home after working overnight Sunday into the wee hours of Monday.  I won’t go into details, but things got off to a rough start immediately when I found a 2:30 am call from an unknown number and he was cagey and secretive about it before finally admitting 6 questions in that it was a woman at work.  His inability to be up-front and honest caused a blow out (which mainly consisted of him yelling, cursing at me, and being an all-around sarcastic ass).  This all culminated with the discovery that he hasn’t been taking his mood stabilizing medications since the end of May!

Yesterday I admit that I got too caught up in all of HIS mess.  Not today.  After a night sleeping apart and a wonderful waking time of 9 am, I felt good as new.  My Mom called and said she had tickets to an Indian exhibit at the Museum of Fine Art, and I headed over to meet her.  We had a nice lunch, spent over an hour in the special exhibit, then a few more wandering through the rest of the building.  We saw tons of stuff, from ancient Greece civilizations to a real Mummy to Civil War relics and Renaissance art.  They have paintings, sculptures, furniture, and a solid silver carriage that an Indian king rode in.  I have to admit that I don’t get a lot of the modern pieces.  There was one that I swear was literally a bunch of junk from a dumpster and scrap yard piled on top of each other.  Weird and ugly.

Ok, so we didn’t go here… Still, it was a great time.

We also spent a fairly significant amount of time in the gift shop, which is almost like a museum of sorts itself.  I picked out fantasy decorations for my future dream home (once I have millions, since this stuff was expensive!).  I discovered that I have very good, very pricey taste.  🙂   I also saw some really cool pieces, like a purse made from soda can tabs and string.  So fun and cute!  I would own an adorable one with teal accents if it weren’t $250.  Eeek!!  I did, however, purchase myself a journal with an intricate, beautiful blue and silver cover and a girly, white onyx and pearl ring.

I spent some time on myself today, and it was amazing!  I’m looking forward to the rest of my vacation, including a haircut and shopping tomorrow.  Yay!!  I have already gotten a manicure and pedicure with gorgeous fuchsia polish that has a glimmer of purple when it moves in the light.  I’m afraid I’m going to get hooked on this because I already don’t want to go back to work next week.

6 Responses to “Enjoying Myself”

  1. emotionaltornado August 7, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    Some me time is so valuable. I slipped away for a couple days with my kids for some recharging with nature. I do want a self pamper day sometime soon. Might have to do it when I can scrape up some money.

    I too, have very expensive taste. I like fine built furniture, custom pieces and antiques. My taste is no where near my budget 😦

    So very glad you found some happiness 🙂

  2. Summer August 7, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

    Glad you enjoyed yourself!! You soooooooo deserve it!!!!!!! Hope the rest of your vacation is great!!!

  3. Elsie August 7, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

    Hooray for me time! You deserved it, Beautiful =)

    I don’t understand why some men, especially SA’s, have such a difficult time being forthcoming. My hubby still sometimes has a hard time with it even over things that are simplistic, it can take effort because for so long deceit was a way of life for him. Being honest is now a “new” pattern for him. A learned behavior.

    Good for you for stepping back and enjoying your day.


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