I Have A Roommate

4 Feb


For the first time ever, I have someone living with me who is not a romantic interest…  My sister.  After some long conversations and negotiations over their separation, my step-Mom decided to come home and try to work things out with my Dad.  She’s always been a “cut and run” kind of person – as evidenced by the fact that this is her 4th marriage.  However, she has apparently decided to actually work on things this time.  At least that was her decision today.  Who knows about tomorrow.

What does that have to do with my sister, you ask?  She was has been living with them while she goes to college nearby.  They do not want an audience while they try to work things out.  They (not so politely?) told her to move out for 2 months.  She doesn’t really have anywhere to go.  Her boyfriend lives about 45 minutes away in HIS parent’s house.  They are away in Florida for the winter, but will be back before the 2 months is out.  It’s also quite a drive away from her school.  Then there’s her dog to consider.

She told me that over the phone at lunch today, dissolving into tears.  My newly single status plus the fact that I’m her current next-door neighbor meant that it was kinda a no-brainer for me to offer her to stay in (one of) my spare bedroom(s).  If you haven’t read Samantha’s post earlier today, I do for friends.  Well, I do even more for family.  That means I now have another person living with me again.  This time will be much different than the other two times.  We’ll see how it goes.

My sister was already planning to stay with her boyfriend most of this week.  However, tonight she had a test at school, which is not too far away.  They want her out tonight, with less than 12 hours notice (Wow was my reaction to that…).  So before my sister left for school she came by and dropped off some of her things.  And her dog.

Now I’m watching Dexter, listening to her dog whine for her at the door, and drinking a beer.  Okay, 3.  After cleaning out my back bedroom, gathering several bags full of things to donate, and moving some heavy furniture around to accommodate my sister’s thing, I’m pretty tired.  Having a roommate is already exhausting and it’s only been a few hours.


While I was writing, my sister arrived home.  She quickly realized that my refrigerator currently has little to nothing in it worth having for dinner.  While we’re waiting for her pizza to arrive we’re gonna watch Ripper Street.  One positive thing so far is that watching her dog try to learn how to use my doggy door is hilarious.  Maybe that’s just the 3 beers, but I don’t think so because she’s laughing her ass off, too.  🙂


4 Responses to “I Have A Roommate”

  1. godtisx March 10, 2013 at 3:06 am #

    I admire your value of family, siblings should be you.

  2. GoddessWife February 6, 2013 at 1:01 am #

    I often wish I had a sister. Close friends are good enough. Wish they would’ve given her more notice, sounds like she was kicked out in a matter of minutes and that’s not so cool.

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