20 Apr

This last week has seen some significant progress in my world.  The papers were officially delivered to Chris (a.k.a. Mr. Mess).  I have an appointment for a deposition with my lawyer.  The ball is rolling, and things are going in the right direction.

School has been busy, but good.  I’m learning quite a bit and enjoying the ability to stretch myself.  There was a work trip that took me away for the weekend during a time when I had a lot of work to do for school (3 papers).  It also coincided with a surgery that my dog needed to excise a tumor and check it for cancer.  Needless to say, last week was incredibly stressful.  However, the papers got done impeccably, I generated new leads at work, and my precious Buddy is cancer-free and recovering well.

All of that has given me the ability to breathe again, and a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that the divorce is proceeding.  I even had the opportunity to have a little fun!  Last night I did a duet with a friend of mine who was opening a sold-out show.  We sang Jason Aldean’s song “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” featuring Kelly Clarkson.  We did an acoustic version with him, me, two stools and a guitar.  It was amazing.  We rocked the house.  If you aren’t familiar with the song, here it is:

It was so amazing to go on stage and perform again.  People were cheering and loving it.  I had so, so many people come up to me afterwards and say that they were just blown away.  I’ve missed having music be a part of my life in that way.  I also got to pick out a cute outfit and break out my pink hair extensions again.  I thought I would share some self-portraits from last night.  Pink streaks are fabulous!


Finally, for some levity, I would like to share a little ditty from today.  I decided to treat myself to my favorite Thai restaurant for dinner tonight.  When I went by to pick it up, the owner who is an older, small-statured gentleman from Thailand, started asking me about how things are going for me.  I’m a regular there, and used to go at least once a week when I worked close by.  He said that he has noticed the man I used to bring in with me is gone.  I laughed and said yes.  He said it’s easier that way.  I told him he was soooo right.  Then, in his broken English, he told me, “Next time, you get better looking one.”  I burst out laughing!  I’m still chuckling to myself.

Yes, next time around I will get a better looking one.  More than that, though, I’ll get a better all-around man.  🙂

8 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Becki Duckworth May 1, 2013 at 2:39 am #

    I am happy for you that life is looking up.. and that Buddy is doing well.

  2. Samantha Baker April 21, 2013 at 9:19 am #

    I was wondering about your pup! Glad you got back into singing again. I loved seeing you audition that time. And I love the pink! Is there a DDay as in divorce day yet?

    • beautifulmess7 April 21, 2013 at 9:25 am #

      Thanks sweetie! There isn’t a set DDay yet. It depends on how much he cooperates. I’m not sure if he has signed the paperwork he was sent yet. Then I have to do a deposition with a witness who knows how long we have been separated. That is set up for the first full week in May.

      The lawyer said it could be anywhere from 30 to 120 days. I am hoping for the shorter end of things, obviously. 🙂

      • 77polkadots April 22, 2013 at 2:18 am #

        Fingers crossed for the 30!
        (Looking fantastic, btw!) 🙂

  3. Flaca April 20, 2013 at 7:45 pm #

    Good for you and the doggie!


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